Pawdel & Pawnec Merge as a Pet Tech Startup

Pawdel & Pawnec Merge as a Pet Tech Startup

Pawdel & Pawnec Merge as a Pet Tech Startup

At Pawnec, we're excited to announce a delightful blend of two worlds — a merger with Pawdel, the imaginative pet accessory brand that has been helping pet parents express their affection through stylish, well-being-boosting personalized products. Effective September 8, 2023, Pawnec will stand as the harmonized entity, leading pet care technology in the Philippines and elsewhere around the world.

Two Tails, One Vision: Merging to Innovate Pet Care & Safety with a Smart Twist

This collaboration isn't merely a merger; it's a leap toward an elevated understanding of pet care. Recognizing our furry pals not just as pets but as cherished family members, both Pawnec and Pawdel, have stayed true to an unwavering principle: humans and pets share a bond of reciprocal love and companionship.

Our new endeavor will combine Pawdel's range of beautifully crafted identification collars and tags with Pawnec’s tech-driven pet safety services. Together, we're setting out to nurture the tender bond between you and your pets in all its delightful forms and expressions.

The beauty of Pawnec’s QR Code-integrated smart collars and tags is their essence of simplicity, efficiency, and peace of mind. No complications or constraints, no dependence on limited networks or hefty subscription fees. Just a QR code that anyone can scan anytime, anywhere to bring your beloved pet safely home.

Our smart ID and web app bridge the gap between pet parents and their furry children, connecting you to a broader community committed to safeguarding our beloved pets. The user-friendly technology enables anyone to act promptly when a pet is lost, ensuring your pet's safety and giving you peace of mind.

Pawnec Startup

Pawnec's platform is designed to make it easy for pet parents to understand and meet their pets' needs. We help you decode your pet's language — understanding how they're doing, where they'd like to be, and what they want you to know. We aim to empower you to care for your furry babies right from your palms.

As we move forward, our mission is ambitious but simple: to serve 12 million dogs and cats in a single year with Pawnec. As we extend our services across 12 countries, we aim to become the brand that truly understands the bond between pets and their human companions through our innovative technologies for the pet care community.

With this merger, we’re blending the two worlds of pet care and tech. Making every corner of the world a friendlier place for pets.

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