Discovering 'New Kids': The Story Behind Our Latest IndieTag Design

Discovering 'New Kids': The Story Behind Our Latest IndieTag Design

Discovering 'New Kids': The Story Behind Our Latest IndieTag Design

In the heart of modern cityscapes, where concrete meets the sky and technology entwines with tradition, our perceptions of love, responsibility, and companionship are continually evolving. The modern household tells a whimsical story: one where leafy plants are the new silent pets, our furry friends are the adorable children, and the kids? They’ve become the exotic wonders of our world, each with a personality as vivid and unique as any tropical creature.


IndieTag 'New Kids' on a leaf


It's in this transformative milieu that we proudly unveil our latest creation: the IndieTag 'New Kids'.

A Jest Set in the IndieTag 'New Kids'

The phrase "Plants are the new pets, we are the new kids" is not merely a fashionable statement; it's a delightful jest capturing the zeitgeist of the modern pet parent's world. Set against a lush, verdant backdrop, this cheeky design is our ode to the delightful reshuffling of affections in contemporary households.

Labrador Retriever wearing an IndieTag 'New Kids'


But why stop at pets? The narrative doesn't end with our furry friends taking the cherished place of children. It's the children - with their unrestrained laughter, their unending curiosity, their capacity to transform mundane moments into magical ones - who become the exotic wonders of our universe.

Technology and "Pethood"

And it's not just about a fresh print or a clever phrase. With Pawnec's super QR technology integrated into each IndieTag, your pet's identity is digitally enshrined, representing not just a name or a number, but a bond, a promise, and an ever-evolving story of companionship.


IndieTag 'New Kids' on a leaf


As always, our goal at Pawnec is not merely to offer products, but to curate experiences; to craft symbols of the unique love you share with your pets. Our new IndieTag design stands as a beacon of that enduring commitment—a playful nod to modern family dynamics and a testament to the timeless love between humans and their pets.


IndieTag 'New Kids'


We invite you to discover the story, the jest, and the love captured in our new IndieTag 'New Kids' design. Experience the convergence of nature, nurture, and nuances firsthand.

Discover the IndieTag 'New Kids'

Join us in celebrating this new chapter, this reshuffling of roles and relationships, and embrace the playful complexities of modern love. 

In our journey, we've laughed, pondered, and reimagined. Today, with the IndieTag 'New Kids', we invite you to do the same. Let them be with Pawnec. That’s undeniable love.


IndieTag 'New Kids' on a pot of plant
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