Color - Merlot

A Nod to Nature: Leave Behind Only Memories and Paw Prints

Every walk is a tale of discovery for your furry companion, a delightful step into the world beyond. Yet, as they relish in their little adventures and answer nature’s call, it’s our pledge to preserve the pristine surroundings our pets enjoy.

An Artisanal Approach to Responsibility

Gone are the days when cleaning up after your pet meant a scramble for waste bags. Enter AlphaDispenser: an elegant solution, handcrafted from vegetable-tanned leather that's as kind to the environment as it is luxurious to touch. Every whiff evokes the richness of genuine leather, an aroma reserved for the finest.

Practicality Meets Perfection

Crafted for those daily exploratory jaunts, our dispenser boasts a smudge-resistant surface coupled with a water-beading effect, ensuring grace in action. Slide it onto any leash from our esteemed AlphaLeash collection, and witness harmony in design and function.

Eco-Luxury Encasement

Handcrafted from top-grade vegetable-tanned cowhide, this piece mirrors our commitment to sustainable luxury. Hailing from the nation's premier tanneries, its scent is the unmistakable signature of leather par excellence.

Seamless Access

Beyond its chic appearance lies a tool of unmatched utility. Attach it effortlessly to our AlphaLeash or any other leash, ensuring waste bags are always within an arm’s reach.

Securely Yours

With its snap fastener, rest assured your waste bags remain firmly in place, ready for when duty calls.

Universal Fit for Waste Bags

Designed around a 3 cm x 6 cm waste bag roll, its adaptability shines as it comfortably accommodates varying sizes, a testament to its thoughtful design.