AlphaCollar 'Pastel'

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More than Just a Leather Dog Collar: A Celebration of Youthful Playfulness

Embrace the delightful innocence and whimsy of our pets with our pastel AlphaCollars – not just a means to secure but an ode to the ever-playful spirit of our furry family members.

A Whimsical Palette of Pastel Tones

Jump into a spectrum of soft hues that mirror the youthful exuberance of our pets. Each collar, crafted from eco-sustainable, vegetable-tanned leather, is a delightful dance of pastel colors. And its scent? The comforting, genuine aroma of authentic leather.

Personalized Dog Collar: A Touch of Fun

Let your pet's personality shine! Enjoy FREE personalization options: a sparkling gold/silver monogram for a touch of dazzle or a blind deboss for a more muted charm. It's more than a dog collar with a name—it's their very own fashion statement.

Ready for Whimsical Adventures

Designed to endure their frolics and rolls, our collars stand resilient against stains and splashes, ensuring your pet is the belle or beau of the ball, no matter the setting.

Soft Embrace of Craftsmanship

The underside is lined with vintage brown soft leather, it's a gentle caress against their fur—a nod to our unwavering dedication to genuine leather and the comfort it offers against the synthetic alternatives.

Highlights of the Pastel AlphaCollar

Pastel Elegance: Each collar is a canvas, painted with soft hues, made from eco-sustainable, vegetable-tanned leather.
Shimmer and Shine: With lightweight stainless brass hardware, durability meets a touch of glamour.
For Tender Skins: Prioritizing comfort, the soft leather lining promises no irritations, only cuddles.
Everyday Chic: Built for everyday antics, its protective coat shields against the playful messes of life.
Perfect Hug: Designed to snugly fit, it's comfort and style, without any fuss.
Signature Touch: Personalize to let their unique spirit shine, either with a glinting monogram or an understated blind deboss.

Marrying Pawnec's legacy of meticulous care from Pawdel's handcrafted beginnings, our pastel AlphaCollars aren't mere accessories—they're a reflection of the joyous moments, the playful chases, and the endless games of fetch we cherish with our pets.

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