Patio by Balai Norte: A Pet Paradise in San Juan, La Union

Patio by Balai Norte: A Pet Paradise in San Juan, La Union

Patio by Balai Norte: A Pet Paradise in San Juan, La Union

As we approach Patio by Balai Norte, nestled gently in the popular surfing resort town of San Juan, La Union, the first thing that captures our attention isn't its proximity to the beach, but the captivating glow of aesthetic lighting reminiscent of a 5-star hotel. Our anticipation builds, not for waves or sand, but for the exceptional Pet-Friendly hospitality we've been promised. Today, we join Nami Onuma, social media influencer and devoted pet parent, to unravel the essence of true pet-friendly hospitality in this idyllic beach town.

Nami and the fur babies at the lobby

A Welcoming Experience for Every Pet

Welcome of Patio by Balai Norte
Nami and Ali

Inclusivity for Pets

The concept of pet inclusivity comes alive at Patio by Balai Norte, starting from the very first paw step in the lobby. Nami and her beloved chihuahua, Aoi, along with Shih Tzu, Kiwi, were greeted not just with a refreshing calamansi iced tea with basil – the resort's signature welcome drink – but also with personalized notes and brand-new feeding bowls for her furry companions. This level of tailored hospitality is a rare find, and Nami's excitement is palpable. "It's my first time encountering such personalized hospitality for pets," she shares, surprised and delighted by the thoughtful gesture.

It's my first time encountering such personalized hospitality for pets...

Their pet friendliness doesn't end with their gestures, Patio by Balai Norte welcomes dogs of all breeds and sizes! For pet inclusivity, this is a rare 10 out of 10 among many pet-friendly establishments out there.

A Playground by the Beach

Nami and the fur babies at the exclusive beach
Kiwi and Aoi at the beach

Amenities for Pets

While the pets relished their treats, Nami was wooed by the pet-friendly atmosphere of the restaurant. Patio by Balai Norte doesn't just allow pets; it welcomes them with no size restrictions. Here, pets are celebrated guests at every table, in every room – a comforting assurance for every pet parent.

Safety Amidst Serenity

Uncrowded premises
You and your pets can enjoy the public amenities

Safety for Pets and People

As the afternoon breeze cools the warm rays of the 3:30 PM sun, the resort's staff offers a 5-star greeting that extends to both pets and humans. This approach to safety, with fewer crowds and a calm environment, ensures that pets can enjoy a sense of freedom without foregoing security. Nami feels at ease, knowing that Aoi and Kiwi can indulge in their curious explorations within the safe confines of the resort.

Comfort Along The Coast

Aoi playing with the surf boards.
Beautiful sunset at pet-friendly La Union

Humanized Comfort for Pets

After a day of excitement, it's time to rest, and Patio by Balai Norte ensures that pets rest in comfort and style. "They've thought of it all," Nami notes as she surveys the cozy pet beds and amenities, ensuring that every pet's stay is as comfortable and relaxing as possible, mirroring the luxury that humans enjoy.


Glamping tent at Patio by Balai Norte
Inside the tent

The highlight of the beach at Patio by Balai Norte is its exquisitely looking glamping tents.

An Unbeatable Value

Value for Money

The question of value is answered as Nami recounts the delicious Chicken Burger she savored, priced at a reasonable 320 pesos, and the serene privacy of the private beach’s glamping site. With amenities like these, the price of admission seems more than fair.

Name's Top 3 Favorites

Nami's personal favorites for humans include the private beachfront, the refreshing welcome juice, and the super comfortable pillows. For pets, she loves the pet-friendly activities, inclusivity in the restaurants, and the safe, less crowded environment.

Conclusion: Patio by Balai Norte is more than just a picturesque destination; it's a heartwarming experience that Nami highly recommends for every pet-loving soul. From the unparalleled pet amenities to the genuine care of the staff, this resort truly understands the essence of pet-friendliness. We invite you to visit, let your pet leave their paw-prints across the Philippines, and share with us your stories. Because at Patio by Balai Norte, every pet and their human is not just a guest, but a cherished part of the family.

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